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What makes a Higginbotham home special? Here, you will find a partial list of work we do for and in all our homes, depending, of course, upon specifications by the architect.

  • Foundation plates leveled with a transit
  • Floor joist upsized, decking is fir vs. pine or oxboard, screwed and glued—all make for a more sturdy floor system—eliminating bounce
  • Joists spaced for recessed lighting, exhaust fans, plumbing needs, and heat holes in center of windows
  • Window and door trim align, as well as trim in general laid out before drywall where possible
  • Roofing step flashing over sized, and counter flashing ground into brick all copper including crickets • Ice and water shield on roof before shingles, 30# felt paper vs. 15#
  • HVAC return air duct over-sized for sound and flow, heats and returns layout before framing, R/A’s blacked out
  • Isolation pads on all mechanical equipment for vibration and sound
  • Interior walls, ceilings and floors sound batted in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mechanical rooms (some all)
  • Plumbing supplies are ¾” to 1 ¼” copper pipe to the source, with gravity circulation lines
  • Cast iron pipe for waste
  • Fir plywood, floors, walls, and roofs. Not ox board
  • Corner bead screwed not crimped
  • Can lights custom centered before framing
  • Doors beveled both sides for smaller margins
  • Sub-floor screwed not nailed
  • Redwood cornice overhang
  • Rigid pvc drain tile, not black plastic crushable pipe
  • Foundation plates grouted solid, shimmed with a transit level
  • Floor framing offset to ensure heat holes are in the center of windows or stationary doors
  • Hangers and support straps recessed into framing for straight line, no wavy walls or ceilings
  • Exterior wood work is back primed all four sides before installed

…If you have any questions about what we do and why, please ask us.

Higginbotham Standards for custom home construction



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