Here you will find many of Higginbotham's frequently asked questions. Obviously, you may have some of your own, and we encourge you to feel free to ask us your home development questions.

 Do you own property or have inventory lots?

We have a subdivision with 4 available lots: Glencairn at the corner of Clayton and Lay Roads in Ladue. Additionally, we are a Real Estate Broker, and can locate and help you purchase any available property.

 What defines a custom home or a custom homebuilder?

The National Association of Home Builders and the Home Builders. Association define a custom home builder as “an entity that provides a service to construct a unique home or building that meets a specific client’s needs and desires.” To us, a custom home is a one-of-a-kind home that starts from scratch, as opposed to a standard plan that has been modified, customized, or made unique simply by selections. At Higginbotham, homeowners are encouraged to review mock-ups and make any changes they feel are needed. Throughout the home construction process, our homeowners can change their selections to best fit their needs and desires.

 What is your open book policy?

At Higginbotham, homeowners can come to our office anytime and review their books. As a policy, homeowners are always shown all sub-contractor and supplier proposals. (Selection of the best proposal is normally determined by the homeowner, builder and architect.)

 How long does it take Higginbotham to build a new home?

Once plans are complete, it typically takes about 12 months for an average sized home (4000-6000 sq. ft.), sometimes a little more. It depends on the size and complexity of the home as well as the client’s selections. Quality takes time. We pay great attention to detail, such as giving flooring time to cure before it’s laid, etc.

 How much does a new Higginbotham home cost?

Most Higginbotham homes begin at $300 per square foot. That covers the cost of the best materials available, and the talent and labor of our highly skilled sub-contractors and crew of master carpenters.

 Do you only build new homes?

No. While we’ve long been known as the top new homebuilder in the area, we also serve as a top remodel contractor, not only for our own homes, but also those built by other builders. Remodeling includes kitchen, bath, addition work, and total and partial renovations.

 Do you have an architect on staff?

We do not; however, over the years, we have built excellent relationships with many of the area’s finest architects, as well as with those from out of town.

 What should I be looking for in selecting a builder for my home?

First, ask for referrals. Second, view samples of their product. And last, interview the builder and, if possible, their sub-contractors as well. To us, it’s all about the team. And the first ones to join that team are the owner, architect and builder.

 Do you get competitive bids from sub-contractors?

Yes, we typically seek out two or more bids from each trade. We feel that quality is as important as price and therefore, seek out only qualified sub-contractors who are able to commit to our high level of standards and still offer competitive pricing.


Higginbotham FAQs